Thursday, 22 July 2010

There is no "sensible" religion

Why do people get surprised when men lock their sons up for years at a time because they're possessed by a genie?

Why is this newsworthy? Why isn't it in the news that the same man believes a huge powerful genie lives in the sky and made the universe and listens to his thoughts?

Because we are numb to it, that's why, but this type of thing drills home a point; there is no 'rational' high ground with religion.

The logical error between a man who believes in Jesus and a man who believes his son is possessed by an evil genie (djinn probably sounded like too much of a respectable term for the mail) is EXACTLY the same; it just so happens that, by blind luck, the man who just believes jesus doesn't have such a destructive influence on the life of his children in such a specific way.

Society needs to stop trying to have its cake and eat it when it comes to religion; this is precisely what you'd expect when you defend its right to exist free of criticism. Religion literally hurts people, directly, because the things it teaches are randomly good or bad, but currently society is incapable of treating it as though it is anything but good.

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